Monroe County Coalition

About Us

The Monroe County Coalition is a group of community members and leaders in the Florida Keys who work together to prevent and reduce substance use, especially among youth. Our objectives include reducing early initiation of alcohol and other drug use; decreasing rates of binge drinking, reducing access to alcohol and other drugs; and decreasing the consequences of alcohol and other drug use. We work to increase quality prevention initiatives aimed at middle school, high school, and college students here in Monroe County to create a safer and drug-free community for all. To learn more about what we are currently working on, check out our current initiatives or join us at upcoming meeting or event! 


Our Operating Framework


SAMHSA's STRategic Prevention FrameWork (SPF)

 The Monroe County Coalition utilizes the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Administration’s (SAMHSA) Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), a 5-step process including assessment, capacity, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The SPF is an on-going cyclical process that assists coalitions in staying current on community conditions and identifying appropriate strategies that target current needs 

STEP 1: Assessment

Identify local youth substance use problems and the community conditions that contribute to the specific identified issues.

STEP 2: Build Capacity

Mobilize build capacity to change the conditions and address the youth substance use


STEP 3: Planning

Develop a logic model comprehensive 12-month Action Plan and multi-year Strategic


STEP 4: Implementation

Implement action and strategic plans with multiple objectives, strategies and


STEP 5: Evaluation

Monitor, sustain, improve or replace prevention activities efforts and strategies.

For more information on the SPF, visit: framework

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